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Computer and Laptop Accessories

Computer Depot has all the accessories for your devices.  We have cables for computers, power cords for laptops, monitor cables and even monitors if you need to replace one, or add an additional monitor.  Call or stop in and let us serve you and get you back up running.


Cellphone Cases, Cables and Accessories

phone cases

Instead of computer cables or periphals you need a phone case, tempered glass, extra charger or charging cable, again we have what you need.  We have phone cases from Speck, Spigen, Lumee and many more.  Our huge selection of cases includes ones for Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, LG phones and even a select few for Apple iPads and iPad minis.  Check out Sumter's largest cell phone accessory store.


Games, Controllers, Cables and Accessoriesxbox playstation WiiU controllers

Finally if your gaming fun has been interupoted by a missing cable or you need an extra controller to get that four player party going, we have what you want.  We carry games, cables, controllers and even Microsoft Kinects for game systems ranging from PS2s through Xbox One's.  Don't overspend for new, when a certified pre-owned will serve you just as well.


Check out Computer Depot for all your accessory needs.  

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